What Problem Would You Fix?

I don’t believe in magic wands or imagine wishing upon a star can make problems go away. I do think it’s possible to drive change by focusing on what needs to be fixed, reflecting on possible solutions and motivating others to join the effort. That might involve changing policy, passing new laws, winning the hearts and minds of previous skeptics, or convincing friends and neighbors to sacrifice a Saturday for your worthy cause.

The list of challenges that need our attention is long and daunting. The climate crisis, democracy and voting rights, the gun violence epidemic, racism, the hostility to science and education, disinformation, radical extremism, a broken Congress, poverty and inequality—these are some of the problems that top my list. Every one of them is formidable, none of them are irresolvable. All of them depend on the renewable resource of societal will.

So I’m handing you the spotlight or the megaphone. What one problem deserves your attention and is worth fighting for? I know it’s hard to pick one. But that’s today’s thought experiment. If you had the ability to make it go away, what one problem would you fix? Bonus points for suggesting how to do it. As always, I look forward to hearing what’s on your minds and the chance for this community to learn from—be inspired by—each other.


Photo by Filippo Bacci via Getty Images.