What Issue Tops Your List?

This has been a tough week. Abortion and women’s reproductive rights rocketed to center stage as the Supreme Court seems set on turning back the clock and overturning the half-century precedent of Roe v Wade. Doubts about justice—questions about expansion—swirl around this increasingly partisan Court, which includes three highly partisan justices appointed by Donald Trump. In Michigan, yet another American community struggled with the fallout from a deadly school shooting.

Abortion, the Supreme Court and the epidemic of gun violence are just three major issues confronting the nation. We surely can add voting rights and democracy at risk, economic inequality, white supremacy and the rise in domestic terrorism, racial injustice and police violence, an increasingly extremist and authoritarian Republican Party, the climate crisis, the intransigence of anti-vaxxers and new pandemic fears spurred by the emerging Omicron variant, a troubled health care system, intensifying polarization in the body politic, and the need to prosecute 1/6 insurrectionists at every level. Whew. The mind spins, making me think hard about taking the day off and going on a long hike. (Yes, another time we’ll need to discuss calming antidotes to all the crazy.)

But there may be other matters that concern you most. What are they? What issue tops your list? I welcome the chance to hear what you’re thinking about, both to better understand the interests and concerns of this community and to reflect on what issues should be on the agenda of America, America in the coming months. As always, please be respectful of each other here in your comments.