What are America’s Greatest Strengths?

We are living in a moment of extraordinary upheaval and turmoil. President Biden and his foreign policy team have played a significant part in strengthening the Western democratic alliance against Russia and its brutal invasion. Even as Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky implores the US to expand its involvement to limit the bloodshed, Biden has provided a vivid reminder of the positive role America can play in confronting anti-democratic regimes.

This has gotten me thinking about both the image of America in the world, past and present, and its reality. Remember when America would energetically portray itself as a global beacon of democracy, a shining example of self-governance? Is it still a land of opportunity, a special place where people born here or those who come here can realize their dreams? How about its remarkable diversity and its capacity for innovation? Are these among its greatest strengths? (I think so.) What about the impulse of Americans to give to others, particularly in times of crisis and disaster?

So here’s my main question: What do you think are America’s greatest strengths? Maybe you’d like to mention just one—or a whole series. Perhaps you’d like to highlight values that you think used to define America’s strength but you now doubt their reality.

As always, I look forward to learning what’s on your mind. Please do be respectful of each other.


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