This was an awful amount of reading and concentration after a day's work when one only wishes to sit, eat, and see the latest from Ukraine. Everyone is aware of climate change except donald trump who makes a snowball and calls it baloney. Few people talk about it at all except to say how hot it is . Those who really take it seriously are the ones whose homes have burnt down , been flooded, been blown apart by a whirlwind, have lost everything. But they are in the minority. The rest read about it, then go to the gym or go have their false fingernails glued on.

People could install solar panels, but how many do you see? They could go back to smaller cars, but of three cars one sees, two are SUVs, and usually, I have noticed, with but one occupant. How many people are like Jimmy Carter who wore sweaters in the White House to conserve heating fuel? And of course, we know wind turbines cause cancer !! : (

How great it may have been if plastic had never been discovered. Man lived without it since time began, yet , remember the movie Mrs. Robinson? A man told Dustin Hoffman to think "Plastic" -the up and coming money maker. Now the world is awash with plastic bags, toys,containers, flag poles, dishes, the computer on which I write. What does it say about environmental care when at every red light, people throw out cigarette butts galore, throw out trash, empty bottles along the highways, don't even throw away wipes or receipts from grocery carts? Can you expect these people to solve climate/environmental change or even ponder it?

There is a movement now to do nothing in your yard during the month of May; let the birds and bees flourish, keep the gas burning mowers, tractors in the garage, let the dandelions thrive along with weeds and what ever else shows up. But, oh boy. What will the Homeowners' Associations do; have a fit.What would the neighbors say ? That their home values would take a nose dive living next to people like that? Yes, people talk a good line, but suggest no solutions.

71% of the globe is covered with water and hold 96.5 percent of it. Why can't some bright person invent some new technological way to use that resource for energy? Why should farmers be unable to produce food because of droughts? 690 million people globally are hungry.

Why cannot some other genius discover a method by which carbon is withdrawn from the air and used to make steel, ink, paint, lubricants? It's like the old trite saying -if we can put a man on the

moon . . .

As for having children, sex is a basic need, like the need to eat, the need to use the restroom. Remember how we criticized China for only allowing a couple to have one child? We cannot control sex, ergo, there will always be children. There are government documents that show studies about Bigfoot, $10M was spent on training a cat, the Russians experimented on what they called human docking procedures. (sex in space) Spend time and money meaningfully.

In summary, I think climate can be controlled and children will remain a blessing.

The number of comments on this subject shows how much or little people think of climate change or ways of defeating it.

I wonder what's going on in the Ukraine?

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Apr 22, 2022·edited Apr 22, 2022

What a wonderful event: there is no issue that is more relevant to our survival. Thank you for hosting this. I only wish my work schedule would allow me to watch.

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