Anxiously awaiting Judge, Chutkan running out of patience

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Sep 8Liked by Steven Beschloss

This is the place in the book where the quietly said “no you won’t” stops the bully and his friends.

We’ve got to be that voice.

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So well articulated, Stephen! The inflammatory rhetoric of the cult leader and his cult followers are absolutely insane!

The statements from the Arkansa Baptist Minister about the next election being decided by bullets, if his cult hero does not win, are some of the most incendiary and troubling one can make. The invitation to and incitement of violence are ultra paradoxical and demonic coming from someone who is supposed to be a purveyor of “do good to those who hate you” principles. It is indeed and up side down, bizarro world we are witnessing.

All of us, who long for peace and justice for everyone, must “strain every muscle” to support the Fani Willises and Jack Smiths, who are boldly and bravely pursuing those ends for everyone.

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One thing is certain, Trump isn’t going to stop being who he is. He never has and he never will. He will continue to put innocent lives at risk and as Steven said, his behavior will become more intense and abusive as we close in on trial dates. As we’ve seen, Judicial threats alone have no effect.

A Judge could possibly force Trump to get psychological therapy, but I doubt he would engage with it because one of the hallmarks of narcissism is,

the narcissist believes he is always right...always, or

a judge could order a psych assessment only by a

trained professional.

A psych evaluation could result in a prescribed medication, whether he engages or not, but I seriously doubt Trump would take it. I doubt he would take it voluntarily because I believe he likes being an “out of control” bully and enjoys threatening people because it makes him feel powerful.

Or, a Judge could have him incarcerated for a week

or two in an attempt to scare him into dialing down his behavior. The next option is, a judge can incarcerate him and have him medicated pursuant to a psych recommendation while he’s in the slammer.

The risk of putting him in jail for a week or two is

that it will further enrage him, leading to more and bigger threats, which should automatically result

in another stint behind bars.

Anyone who threatens specific jurors is a menace

to society, regardless of whether or not he personally makes the threats or someone else does it on his behalf. At any rate, endangering peoples’ lives by threats to individual jurors and posting their names & addresses on the internet crosses the line between acceptable and unacceptable behavior. It

deteriorates the social fabric and the Rule of Law.

Democracy can’t be sustained when crimes go un-

punished, especially when Putin, a longtime enemy of the U.S., is involved and Putin is more heavily involved than most Americans think he is.

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With every rant as accusation against judges and prosecutors is projection of what Trump would do. With a malignant narcissism such as Trump’s the more he rants and projects, the more insecure he really is. He is scared and powerless in truth and in fact and deep down he knows this. So, with that being said, the 1st amendment does not cover speech the presents a clear and present danger. I cannot imagine Judge Chutkan will allow this to go on unchecked. Hold Trump in contempt and either fine him for each and every transgression or jail him. He has been given more deference than any normal person and that cannot stand. On the other hand, the more he reveals himself, the more he turns off everybody but his cult who is not large enough to elect him.

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Nothing but truth in this post, Steven. It is worrisome beyond words what he and his crew are fomenting. It has to be as hard for you to write as it is for us to read. Our democracy is hanging by a very thin thread.

On a happier note, I see you are coming to Fort Wayne and being a speaker at the PFW Omnibus Lecture series in 2024 - I look forward to it!

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This one man, backed by Russians, has held those of us who see what’s happening in constant anxiety since 2015. It is insane, as you say, that we are still dealing with this evil person who is trying to destroy democracy in this country. And all along the way, like a snowball rolling down a hill, he has gathered more and more people… Federal and state legislators, members of the FBI, citizens, to him. It is also true that there has been this cadre of so-called Republicans… hard to call them Republicans … Extremists is more appropriate, in the party… for years who have been pushing us toward one-party rule and oligarchy. It is coming to a head and it will be a violent end, I think. And we still don’t have any clarity on whether democracy will win or being murdered. It is shameful that a country that once stood proud to uphold democracy, is at risk for losing it.

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Key phrase "In a sane world". Propaganda has made it an insane world. Alternate facts rule 3 popular networks built to tear down the country.

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And Trump, golfs and golfs and golfs and golfs

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I can only second everything you said in this article. This is not a normal time and the things Trump, Huckabee and others are saying only further encourage violence.

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I am a subscriber. Keep up the good work, Stephen. I listen to all your posts and find them to be very wise and insightful.

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Sep 8Liked by Steven Beschloss

Your writing always puts things in perspective for me. We are bombarded with these lies and untruths all day. I read your piece today and I realize we are all feeling the stress and chaos. Knowing we are in this together makes all the difference to me. Thank you, Steven

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With the illegitimate supreme court’s gutting of the VRA the rule of law has been thrown even further out the window. The Republicans have been gerrymandering it out of existence for some time. More and more Republicans have been finding ways to subvert the law. They are saying that the rule of law is what THEY say it is.

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Who, today, has the courage to tackle the trump problem and end it.? Who would John Kennedy include in a current Profiles in Courage? What is courage? A few apropos quotes :

Well done is better than well said.

Courage is action in the face of fear.

Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. I like this one. Said by John Wayne.

donald trump is very much like John Gotti. Both "Teflon Dons." Gotti born in the Bronx as was trump's father. Both called Queens home. Each man a narcissist, accused and guilty of multiple crimes (no, trump has not shot any one but what did he think might happen when he gave out the Obama's address? -doxing.) Gotti wore suits that cost from $1800-$5000. Sounds like Melania's wardrobe. The more proven but not punished transgressions, corruption, the more popular.

Gotti's admirers loved him. At his funeral were 19 cars with flowers, 30 limousines, and a banner of his picture saying "Will Live Forever." trump has people who say they would die for him. His arrival in Atlanta had roads shut down, police on every corner,umpteen police motorcycles leading the band of probably 15 or so limousines, an ambulance and people holding a banner with his picture saying "Trump Won." Gotti's crowd all blessed themselves with the cross and said he is in heaven. trump's evangelicals lay hands on him and call him a savior.

I think we can have confidence in Jack Smith and Fani Willis. They are not backing down. They seem determined to enforce the law, not only on trump but also his circle.His lawyers will live with ruined reputations and become ambulance chasers. Many, hopefully , will turn on him. They still deserve some time in the slammer.

Gotti was finally brought down by the RICO Act. Before it, a crook spent a short time in jail for usually a singular crime. With RICO, the perpetrator receives a longer sentence, the judge knowing full well the same crimes will continue upon release. Hello, trump !!

Until such time as trump demands the handcuffs be made of gold just for special him, he will continue to strut out on rally stages, pump his fists, lie to the crowd, endanger lives, and dream of being a dictator like his pal and helper, Putin.

Time does fly. 2024 is around the corner. They better hurry up and end this soap opera of absurdity.

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It's difficult not to be troubled by the constant harangue from MAGAstan wannabe's threatening to violently assume control of the U.S. with willing support from imagined millions of disenchanted whose troubles have been mostly caused by themselves. Their dedication to getting pretty much everything wrong comes from trusting belief over the reality that truth and facts impose. This is delusion are work. I think of recent times when the second term of a black President was teetering on the brink. I told my best conservative friend who felt sorry for me for the sorrow I would feel once the votes were counted, "I have always believed in the American people and their ability to get most things right." I still do.

For all those who have been led, or are being led at this moment, to believe that in a "republic" the power of "democracy" is secondary and ought not guide the future let's remind them that they're dead wrong with the simple act of voting for nonviolent decency propelled by a desire for a country that seeks the best for everyone.

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Why have the criminally indicted, treasonous Trump and his GOP co-conspirators—contrary to the rule of law and equal justice in every functioning democracy—still not been arrested, detained and tried in our courts like every other American would be?

Why are the criminally indicted, treasonous Trump and his GOP co-conspirators allowed to continue to spread their lies and insanity to millions of gullible followers, while making a mockery of the rule of law, equal justice, democracy and America?

If the rule of law and equal justice did, indeed, ever exist, they have ceased to exist.

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