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We will never be able to eradicate hate. But we can prevent the easy acquisition of guns: it's high time we stop hiding behind the skirts of the 2nd Amendment (which, in any case, is being totally misrepresented). To state the obvious, we must outlaw weapons of war and impose strict standards for ownership of any firearms whatsoever. There is no excuse for the ongoing carnage in our streets.

Of course, all of this is just commonsense. But then commonsense is an attribute that's in woefully short supply.

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We must, as a society, rein in @FoxNews, and the alarming number of radio talks,

Internet sites that poison people with racial and religious hate. We have freedom of speech, yes; but we must use common sense in determining when lies and racist rhetoric create a huge divide and a DEPARTURE FROM REALITY.

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Since the invention of gun powder, there have been people shot. Suicide, domestic violence, robberies, accidents(Cheney ). Shooting for the purpose of killing has exploded in this and the last century. Guns serve a purpose for soldiers, police, and according to the 2nd amendment, those who would form a militia to protect the Union. Owning one needs to be limited to them, not every Tom, Dick and Lauren Boebert.

We no longer need to eat deer or wild boars, birds or rabbits. Hunting to kill living animals is barbaric. I am not a vegetarian, but if you think about it, eating meat, esp that which looks like the animal such as chicken legs, wings or big long heavy ribs is pretty sick. People buy packages containing 100 chicken hearts to feed to their dogs. Ugh !!Hunting to kill people is beyond the pale. Target practice is done with shapes of humans; some sport, aiming for a heart or head!!

Hatred is being spewed by organizations like Fox News. The FCC controls which stations, radio and TV , can be on the air. 5 commissioners head it , are chosen by the president, confirmed by the Senate and award 5 year contracts. Needs to return to 2. At present, Fox News is the #1 listened to news cable show with Tucker Carlson its top rated show. This is what shooters and their defenders listen to and from whom they get their thoughts and ideas. The Commission has a duty to enforce safety , the security of the homeland. Where are they? Why is such broadcasting given the right to pass along conspiracy theories and inspire hatred, racism, violence, even righteousness of Putin? Why? Because they pull in the most sponsors and money, companies that give to politicians. This needs to stop. Fox contract needs pulled. Politicians need term limits.

Other media concentrates on weird outfits at the Met Gala or Johnny Depp's troubles, while people are shot daily at malls, groceries, churches, schools. Is there no Edward R. Murrow or Walter Cronkite, the most trusted man in America, out there to replace these media celebrities?

Perhaps, along with standardized tests (which never test knowledge of history or the world) tests should be given in certain grades, esp. high school, that test the mental stability , the ethics of students so that those deficient in the norms can be caught in time, kept track of over time, helped.

If a president could use all power available to him, speak around the country, corner other officials like LBJ used to be able to do, and somehow, get guns banned so that a parent would never again look at his child with 6 bullet holes in him or make people fear to even get groceries, let alone work in such a store, that person might never be elected to office again, but I'll bet he/she would end up in history as one of the top 10 presidents to ever hold office in the US, and be revered for all time.

People need to stop just complaining, sending prayers, and start coming up with solutions to stop these massacres, their suggestions listened to , considered, and enforced. Political leaders need to stop spending their time and efforts to get elected and actually do good and actually work to stop this outrageous, uncalled for violence . They can be replaced. The dead cannot.

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I am just so dragged down every time 1 of these mass shootings occurs. Now I am even more devastated when I hear that the shooting was inspired by hate, white supremacy, replacement theory. I tell myself that is not who we are as Americans; but then I see that it is more and more whole area as Americans. The gun violence epidemic, which I am addressing as my own personal project via reading the book The Violence Project and articles about every mass shooting that occurs, has now become more complex and more daunting, as I realize that I have to include this increasing, ever more pervasive culture of hate that is in our country. What drives people to adopt the words and actions and philosophy of hate into their lives? What can we do to counteract that? Have we, as a society, failed in some way? So, what do we do now? We can't go back and re-litigate the past; but how can we change the future? How can we make positive, equality thinking as enticing to those who would and do choose otherwise? So many questions. So few answers right now.

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What’s most disturbing are the attempts by many in the media - and on this comment thread - that the Buffalo murderer was somehow mentally ill.

Let us be very clear: racism and race hatred is NOT a mental illness. It is a choice. It is a choice by people like the headliners on Fox News. It is a choice by Rupert Murdoch. It is choice by Republican elected officials who incite violence against minorities and encourage hatred of immigrants, Muslims and others.

It was a choice when millions of Americans, mostly white, elected Donald Trump when his racism and evil, dangerous rhetoric was well known.

Until a majority of Americans make a choice to support equality then we will continue to breed evil men like the Buffalo killer.

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The shooter acquired his guns legally, passing a background check. after mental health red flags were waved and then ignored by the police, parents, and school. His mom helped him bury a feral cat he decapitated - read that account. This dude was a sick bastard. His parents failed him and society. But if you're going to read one part of his manifesto, you must read it all. He hated conservatives. Surprise - white supremacy comes in different political stripes - just like any other form of skin-color supremacy. Subway shooter or Christmas Day massacre? Or did we memory hole those too?

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