Sitemap - 2023 - America, America

A Criminal President is Not Immune

What Does a Better America Look Like?

Soberly Imagining the Future

Media Misses: We need more truth, not more Trump, in this dangerous time

The Consequences of Degrading Discourse

A Brief Thanksgiving Note

Fueled by Gratitude

Does the JFK Assassination Still Matter?

What Will It Take to Overcome Indifference?

The Beauty of Diversity

Who or What Gives You Hope for Democracy?

Aiming for Dictatorship, Part II

Not What an Innocent Person Does

What is Your Go-To Dessert?

America's Simmering Cauldron

What Do You Hear When the New House Speaker Says He’s Been Ordained By God? (audio)

Searching for a Positive Path Forward

What Do You Hear When the New House Speaker Says He’s Been Ordained By God?

A Sad Day for Democracy

Fueling the Climate of Violence

Has Joe Biden Proved His Vigor and Guts?

Signs of Gravity's Return

An Insult to America

What Makes You Laugh?

Civilization’s Discontents

The Need for Humanity

What Art Form Can’t You Live Without?

Public Servants are Standing Up

A Choice Between Chaos and Governance

What Action Will You Take for Democracy?

The Demise of the GOP

In a Sane World, Take Three (audio)

In a Sane World (Take Three)

Have You Become Less Politically Moderate?

A Matter of Values

When to Speak Up and When to Shut Up

Where Do You Turn for Inspiration?

Fragments from a Fractured Body Politic

As the Vise Tightens (audio)

Holding Onto Memories of 9/11 (redux)

The Normalization of War

What Do You Remember about 9/11?

As the Vise Tightens

What Kind of Leader Do You Want? (audio)

A Reflection on Labor Day

What Kind of Leader Do You Want?

The Cost of Extremes

The Act of Petting a Dog

What Does This Mugshot Say to You?

The Depth of Arrogance

The Danger of Disconnection

What Job Do You Wish You Had?

Prosecuting Trump's Criminal Conspiracy

Judge Chutkan Will Not Tolerate More Crimes

Is Extreme Weather Influencing Your Future Plans?

The Struggle Between Light and Dark

The Consequences of Violent Rhetoric

What’s Your Favorite Place to Walk?

Justice, Bloodlust and the Need to Reassert Decency

The Indictment that Matters Most

What’s Left Out of the Story

Has Donald Trump Finally Met His Match?

The Sweet, Healing Power of Justice (redux)

Fact-Checking a World of Lies

How Do You Define Your Roots?

Aiming for Dictatorship

Liars for a Lifetime (again)

How Do You Stay Connected with Those You Love?

NATO Ally Finland Takes Center Stage

Journalists Need to Sound the Alarm

Where in the World Would You Go?

Burning Down the House (again)

America's Original Sin Still Lingers

How Dangerous Is the Politicization of the Supreme Court?

The Laughter of Sycophants

What Joe Biden Didn't Do (audio)

What Joe Biden Didn’t Do

What News Event Has Stunned You Most?

The Arrogance of Power

The Complicated Path to Freedom

What Are Your Favorite Paintings?

In His Own Words

Pollution in the Air and Body Politic

Will Donald Trump Be Convicted?

The Rule of Law Is Still Intact

Is Accountability Finally Coming?

What Is (or Will Be) Your Best Decade?

The Benefits of Age

Stewart Rhodes' Crime Against America

What Does Patriotism Mean to You?

Trapped in a Time Loop

The Radical Notion of Hope (redux)

What Teacher Influenced You the Most?

The Pursuit of Ignorance

To Really Celebrate Mothers (and Families)

What Life Event Has Moved You Most?

Courage and the Hunger for Truth

The Sickening Cynicism of Thoughts and Prayers

How Has Immigration Touched Your Life?

Free Media for a Criminal Defendant

The Need for Compassion (redux)

What’s the Top Issue for 2024?

Joe Biden's Battle for Freedom

Banning Books, Suppressing Thought and The Rejection of Empathy

What Future Do You Want?

Deciding When the Time is Right

Trump Fraud, Known Lies and Enduring Grievance

What Invention Can't You Live Without?

How Long Must We Wait?

The GOP's Rejection of America

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What Historical Moment Would You Change?

Ban Assault Rifles

Donald Trump is a Criminal Defendant

Taking Responsibility, For the Sake of Justice

Donald Trump is Indicted. Finally. (audio)

What Does Justice Look Like to You?

Donald Trump is Indicted. Finally.

We Can Find Talent Everywhere

Embracing the Woke (audio)

What Makes You Happy?

Beyond the Noise and Mania

The Sweet, Healing Power of Justice

How Will You React If Trump Is Indicted This Week?

The Need to Do Something Big

Split-Screen America

What Movie Do You Watch Again and Again?

The Absence of Shame

Embracing the Woke

How Has Fox News Infected Your World?

The Recklessness of Rupert Murdoch

Two Years and Counting

Do You Fully Support US Funding for Ukraine?

The Lies They Tell

Jimmy Carter and the Enduring Power of Humanity

Does America Accept Mental Health Struggles Yet?

Have You No Honor, Mike Pence?

A Reason to Celebrate

Which Song Would You Pick?

The Politics of Outrage

America, The Violent (audio)

Not Even Faint Praise

How Have Your Viewing Habits Changed?

DeSantis, Cowardice and the Fear of Others

America, The Violent

Can We Ever Change Our Culture of Violence?

Overcoming the Destructive Impulse

Lying for the Win

Do You Trust the Supreme Court?

Only the Best People

To Tell the Truth

The Wonder of Flight

A Love Letter to America's Diversity (audio)

Can Love Conquer All?

Vengeance, Governance and the Road Ahead

A Love Letter to America's Diversity

What Problem Should Congress Address?

Crime, Nihilism and Sad Entertainment

Moving Beyond the Frantic