Where Do You Find Joy?

Suddenly, Covid—courtesy of the Omicron variant—has fought its way back to the front pages. Many of us, who thought we were out of the woods by getting fully vaccinated and boosted, have to wonder whether we might now face a breakthrough case. I know many people who are questioning whether they should pull back on their holiday travel or party plans. It’s enough to make you turn off your TV, stay off social media, and spend the next two weeks watching cheesy Christmas movies and ordering in.

Now that I think about it, that might not be such a bad way to spend the holidays. Or maybe you have a much better idea of how to make the most of these times and find joy. Perhaps what you do or where you go matters less than who you spend this time with? So here’s the question: Where do you find joy during the holidays? And will you be able to find that joy this year? Given the challenging year we’ve had and the challenging year yet to come as we head toward the one-year anniversary of January 6 and the midterms, I hope you will find joy in the weeks ahead.

As always, I look forward to hearing what’s on your mind and the opportunity for this community to share with each other.

Note: I will be taking off most of the next two weeks in the hopes of recharging myself, traveling a little, and spending time with my family without deadlines pulling me away. In the meantime, on the usual schedule, I will be sharing with you a selection of dispatches written over the last nine months that I think continue to resonate.


*Photo credit: Vera Livchak via Getty Images.