Where Do You Find Humanity?

It’s hard to miss the coarsening of the public rhetoric and the use of violent imagery and real threats to attack perceived enemies and pursue political goals in the US. From school board meetings to the halls of Congress, to the viciousness on social media, violent incitement and intimidation has become far too familiar—and worse, seen as acceptable. The documented rise in white supremacist hate crimes parallels the pleasure elected Republicans like Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar take in using their platforms to feed the worst instincts of their followers. This, of course, follows four years of a White House occupant whose hostility toward people of color and vulnerable populations excited and incited his aggrieved base seeking scapegoats.

Allowing this angry minority to define the nation’s trajectory is intolerable, but how do we shift the dynamic? There’s no easy answer. While I’m not sure that kindness is contagious, I do think shining a spotlight on positive behaviors and examples of our better angels creates the possibility of making a constructive turn. That doesn’t mean ending the necessary work to recognize and address the dangers of the worst among us. But it does mean making sure the darkness does not drown out the light. Expressions of kindness matter.

So here is today’s question: Where do you find humanity? It might be a person, an organization or an individual act of decency and compassion. Please be specific if you can. Let’s take this moment to spread humanity. I promise to do my part in the coming weeks and months here, too.

I look forward to reading your input and for this community to learn from each other. As always, please be respectful toward each other.

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