What Technology Can't You Live Without?

There once was a world where every phone was attached to the wall, televisions were only black and white, flying in a plane was just for the wealthy, air conditioning was a dream, heart transplants were unimaginable and typing made a loud clack-clack-clack. My children don’t know a world without cell phones, internet, wireless printers, instant access to movies, remote control and shopping online.

Could they—or I—live without all these advances in technology? I know that my cell phone—this super-powerful computer—is usually the first thing I grab when I wake and the last thing I put down before falling asleep. Given how hot it is outside, I don’t how well I’d do without AC. Would I really want to return to a world where a favorite TV program only shows up once a week? Thank goodness, we’re long past “white-out” to fix writing mistakes.

I don’t yet own an electric car, but friends who love theirs say they will never own another car reliant on the gas-combustion engine. If the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 becomes law, subsidies as high as $7,500 for a new electric vehicle will likely convince millions that it’s time to adopt this new technology that reduces carbon emissions. Someday people will wonder how we ever used gas-guzzling cars.

What about you? What technology can’t you live without? Put another way, what technology most improves your life? One thing is certain. The day will come when children will ask about our present day: How did those people live in a world that ancient?


Photo Credit: Berke Bayur/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images