What Street Do You Love to Walk On?

Several weeks ago, I had the good fortune to be in New Orleans for a few days, a city I don’t know very well. On the last day, my wife and I took a walking tour in the French Quarter, ending up on Royal Street, lined block after block with colorful art galleries, cafés, cool little shops and historic, charming architecture. It was a sunny Sunday, and a jazz band was tucked into one street corner, complete with guitar, bass, clarinet, drums and the most beautiful singer you ever could hope to hear. Dozens of people were circled around them, not going anywhere, just luxuriating in the warm sound, while others strolled by. I wish we didn’t have to head to the airport that afternoon; I would have stayed on Royal Street for hours more to just soak it all in.

This got me thinking about streets I love to walk on. In Los Angeles on the Westside, in Venice, I always love to walk on Abbott Kinney, chock full of little shops and restaurants, not a franchise business in sight. It’s hard to pick just one in New York City—I’m always happy to wander in Greenwich Village—but I usually gravitate to MacDougal Street, where Eleanor Roosevelt lived after her husband died, Jackson Pollock painted, and you can always find a lively café for a good coffee. Outside the city, my family used to take the train up to Cold Spring or another town in the Hudson Valley to stroll along the main street, peer in windows, and stop in an antique shop here or there. Truth is, there are few things I savor more than having time—in a place I know or one I’ve never been before—to walk the streets, explore, and hopefully get lost.

What about you? What street do you love to walk on? What about it grabs your attention? I know: It’s not easy to pick just one. Mention a few if you like! As always, I’m looking forward to hearing what comes to mind—and the chance for this community to read about each other’s experiences.

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Photo: Royal Street in New Orleans via Getty Images.