What Movies Move You?

There’s been more than enough dispiriting news of late: suicide bombings, the struggle to evacuate, the surging Delta variant, the earthquake in Haiti, the ongoing political toxicity, to name a few. It seems we are more than due for a mind shift, a chance to find another gear.

Last night I watched “The Deer Hunter” again, which pulled me into the 1970s, the working class reality of Western Pennsylvania steel country, the horror of the Vietnam war—and Russian roulette. Here are a young Christopher Walken, Robert DeNiro and Meryl Streep. Here is a a kind of filmmaking that’s less concerned with plot than creating a world for you to live in and learn from. Yes, it’s “fiction,” this community of people trying to live their lives, but you feel that it’s real. Long after the end credits roll, their story lingers.

Honestly, I have a lot of other films that I’d love to write about—movies that changed the way I look at the world, movies that take me to new places, movies that remind me about other chapters of my life, movies that teach me about people, movies that make me feel less alone, movies that just give me a chance to take a break and laugh. But I really want to hear from you: What movies move you? As always, this is an opportunity for this community to hear from and learn from each other.