What is Your Hobby?

My wife says I need a hobby. She’s probably right, if by hobby she means an activity that gives me a break from my work, the heavy drumbeat of news, and my daily parade of responsibilities. I tell her I read, watch movies, listen to music and travel, all of which I enjoy immensely. But she reminds me that all these pleasures have a way of getting incorporated into my work. She’s right about that, too, although it’s worth noting that I’m very lucky to love my work. 

Not long ago I bought an electric keyboard, which I enjoy, but I can tell you my wife wishes I’d give it more attention. I love to go hiking with my dog, but as the days get hotter she won’t go more than a couple of miles. (Hazel will literally just stop in her tracks, stubbornly refuse to go another inch and force me to turn around.) I’d say having drinks with friends is a hobby that I’m especially good at, but I know my wife would say that’s not a real hobby, even if it is a delight. And as for the zen garden I have created out back? It could use more tending.

So I turn to you, dear reader and honored community: What is your hobby? What have you figured out is a good and pleasurable use of your free time? There’s no best answer, of course, but I’d be more than grateful for an idea for a new hobby—one that would be fun to do and will convince my dear wife that I’m not working all the time. 

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