What Does Post-Pandemic Life Look Like?

These pandemic times have required us to pull back from each other, to be careful, to mask up, to stay safe. As more and more of us get vaccinated, the world has slowly begun to look a little different: hugging someone you love for the first time in a year, having drinks with a workmate you’ve only seen on Zoom, maybe even eating in a restaurant. Small, tentative steps. 

It’s gotten me thinking about opportunities to not only live larger, but also do more for others. Since today is my birthday, I’ve imagined how wonderful it would be to throw a really big party and invite tons of people. Just to watch everyone enjoying each other’s company. A real blow-out. 

What ideas do you have for opening up, reconnecting, living large? What plans have you made? All ideas and experiences, big and small, are welcome. Extra points for ideas that make the lives of others better.

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