Republicans Side with Team Putin (audio)

Make no mistake, Putin adoration is a danger to America


Dear Friends, Here is the audio version of my written post from March 22, read aloud by me. I decided to record this now since today President Biden meets with President Putin. As I noted in my Monday post, “Nyet, Vladimir! No More Flaccid Compliance”: “This encounter is where a hungry nation yearns to see an American president stand toe-to-toe with this Russian adversary, view him with cold-eyed clarity, and let him know that the days of flaccid compliance and democracy-damaging servitude are over.”

I also thought it useful to go back to this March post to reiterate how readily many Republicans are drawn to Putin, an autocrat with a brutal, murderous history. Even as President Biden works to reset the terms of the relationship with Moscow, he (and we all) will have to contend with the continuing dark path the Republicans have taken.

You can read along with this written post, if you like. Do let me know what you think of it. As always, thank you for your commitment to our democracy.


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