Is No One Above the Law?

No one is above the law. It’s a sacrosanct principle, tattered by a White House occupant who made clear that he believed the law does not apply to him. It can be discouraging to hear people say that they don’t think Donald Trump or his enablers will be held accountable for their crimes. This assumes that you don’t believe the rule of law applies to everyone.

In Friday’s post, The Duty to Save Lives, I sought to detail some of Trump’s flagrant transgressions of the last year and the prospects for holding him criminally liable. That same piece also highlighted the inspiring and constructive steps President Biden is taking for the US to overcome the pandemic. 

I intend to keep sharing thoughts of hope and reasons for alarm. I expect to continue reflecting on the criminality and corruption of the last four years so that we better understand and don’t forget what happened, and so that we keep the pressure on until justice is served. 

Here is my question: Do you believe in the principle that no one is above the law and that Trump will be held accountable for at least some of his crimes? And, as a related question, do you prefer that America, America shares more stories of hope and optimism — or emphasizes the people and forces that continue to hold our democracy back? 

For now, until this becomes a feature only for paid subscribers, this forum is open to everyone. I hope you will take part in the discussion — with me and with each other. As I have said, we may read and write alone, but we drive change together. I hope to hear from you.