How Will You Recharge Your Batteries?

Just over a month ago, I let you know that I was taking some time to recharge my batteries. As faithful readers know now, that included visits to ParisHelsinki and Berlin—savoring sights (especially people watching), meeting with old friends and new ones, eating foods I missed during these COVID years, and taking the opportunity to reflect on life in other countries as a way to think freshly about life in America. Yet, between the fact-filled January 6 hearings and the bombardment of world-altering Supreme Court decisions. I didn’t know this month would be this consequential; it necessitated that I stay more plugged in than I might have otherwise been to stay abreast of the changes and revelations rocking our world. 

Honestly, I can’t say that I return altogether renewed, not with the intensifying awareness that the actions of Trump and his co-conspirators were even more egregious than previously known and the Court is working aggressively to foist upon the country its radical, backward agenda. More than exasperating, much of it is infuriating—and yes, more than a little exhausting. But I hope that you agree all this is reason to redouble our efforts to fight for a better America. Anything less than that would be to let the anti-democratic extremists win…which is to say rule the future. 

So with all that, as we head into the Fourth of July weekend, I’m wondering about your plans this summer for some rest and relaxation. How will you recharge your batteries? We will have one helluva challenging time in the coming months, so I hope your comments here might give us fresh ideas on how to get ready. Maybe it’s as simple as holiday cooking plans, as elaborate as multi-city travel, or as necessary as a favorite movie or book that makes you laugh or cry. (For the record, may I suggest Colson Whitehead’s deeply moving, Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Nickel Boys?) As always, please be considerate of each other. We’re all in this together. 


*Photo credit: Steven Beschloss from Finland.