How Has Exiting Afghanistan Affected Your View of Joe Biden?

President Joe Biden made the tough decision to end US involvement in the war in Afghanistan. On Monday this week, he asserted in a speech to the nation, “The buck stops there.” But with the collapse of the Afghan government and the Taliban takeover, the evacuation of Americans and Afghans who assisted Americans has inevitably been fraught with troubles—and faced plenty of criticism for its chaotic, dangerous process. (This includes, of course, Republicans who had no criticism of Trump negotiations last year with the Taliban.)

Inevitably, Biden has taken the brunt of that criticism, causing some media voices to question the harm it could do to his presidency, his legacy, and the expectation of competence and compassion. I have not hesitated in expressing my respect for his courage in ending the war that three other presidents failed to end over the last two decades. But what do you think? How has exiting Afghanistan affected your view of Joe Biden? Has it influenced your view of his courage, competence, compassion, judgement? And do you think this moment will pass or be enduring?

As always, I welcome your input and the opportunity for this community to learn from each other.

One last note: If you are looking for a way to help, check out this list of organizations supporting Afghan women, journalists, medical needs, refugees and more.


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*On Aug. 21, President Joe Biden delivered remarks on the evacuation. (Photo by Kent Nishimura/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)