How Do You Stay Optimistic?

Some days the drumbeat of bad news can take its toll. Stolen classified records, the refusal to return them, the potential dangers to national security, the possibility that foreign adversaries already have seen them, extremists threatening violence, leaders inciting it, democracy under attack, angry MAGA Republicans insisting their leader hasn’t committed any crimes. The list goes on and on. The flood can swallow you up if you can’t sustain optimism. 

I am sure that we all can articulate reasons for optimism and strategies to keep the light shining. America has faced tough times before. The majority of Americans voted for the empath over the sociopath. The extremists are a clear minority. Women are registering in record numbers to secure reproductive rights. Unemployment is at a record low. The president is speaking out and pushing back. The one governing party may expand its majority in the US Senate. Renewable energy is expanding.

As for me, love is nourishing and hate comes and goes, and the ideals of democracy, justice, equality, education and human rights—these feed me, motivate me, convince me to get up in the morning and figure out what I can do to create positive change. Anyone with children can tell you about the responsibility to be optimistic. Anyone who teaches in a school can tell you about the hunger to learn and the desire to find solutions. Everyone who travels can tell you about the world’s beautiful diversity and how our fellow humans are striving to make something of their lives.

What about you? How do you stay optimistic? Who or what gives you optimism? I’m excited to hear from and learn from each of you and for our opportunity to learn from each other. As always, I ask you to be respectful.


*Art Credit: Jorm Sangsorn via Getty Images.