How Can We Make Things Better?

Despite the struggles of these last years, despite the ongoing challenges to secure our democracy and achieve justice, I remain convinced that we can hold onto our principles and improve America. Yes, there are doubtful days, especially when we see the leaders of a major party perpetuating the lie that their candidate really won the election. But optimism disconnected from reality and hard work is simple naïveté.

All this got me thinking about what changes can be made to improve the condition of our democracy and shift the trajectory—both for those who’ve abandoned values like equality, opportunity for all and color-blind justice, and those worried our collective promise is being weighed down by the worst among us. 

So for this Saturday discussion: What one change can make things better in America? Feel free to dream big or propose small, concrete changes that can make a difference. I’m really looking forward to hearing what’s on your mind—and the chance to learn from each other. 


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