How Can Democrats Win the Midterms?

If you pay attention to the media drumbeat, you likely think the outcome of the midterm elections this fall has already been decided. Yes, historically, the party of the president in power typically loses seats in the House and Senate. Just rewind to 2010 when President Barack Obama’s Democrats lost 63 House seats, a defeat he memorably called “a shellacking.” Or the self-described “thumping” George Bush and his GOP took in 2006 when they lost the majority in both chambers of Congress. In fact, since WWII, the party of the president has lost House seats in 17 of 19 midterm elections.

Given those traditional headwinds, and with factors such as presidential approval ratings and personal income growth in the mix, how can Democrats win the 2022 midterms and keep the majority? A few thoughts to get the conversation going: First and foremost, get out the vote. If Democrats don’t show up, then energized Republicans will seize the day. Focus on Biden’s achievements like historic job growth, vaccination success and infrastructure investment. Offer a clear response to inflation. And did I say get out the vote, fueled by reminders of the danger of an anti-democratic, anti-abortion, pro-Putin party regaining power?

What do you think? Can Democrats win the midterms and hold onto power? How worried are you—how convinced are you—that the results are inevitable? The answers could not be more important. It’s a topic we’ll be returning to in the months ahead.

Photo via Getty Images.