Happy New Year

Just a short note to wish you a Happy New Year and a healthy, fruitful 2022. The last year has been quite a ride, a challenge to much of what we hold dear, but I am grateful for each of you who have chosen to invest your time, energy and commitment to participating in this community. Your thoughts and comments here have helped me, but more importantly they have made us all better. That fills me with optimism.

So as I look ahead to this year—to January 6, to the midterms, to the continuing effort to secure our democracy, to confronting the forces that oppose basic values like equality and justice—I know it won’t be easy. But I am hopeful; I believe that this year will give reason for expanding optimism. That starts with recognizing our collective capacity. As I note in every dispatch, we may read and write alone, but we drive change together.

If you would like to share a thought about your hopes and expectations for 2022, I welcome it.