Embracing the Woke (audio)Listen now (7 min) | What's so wrong with compassion, safety and racial justice?
What Makes You Happy? These days it can feel like we’re stuck in an endless interlude as we wait for the first indictment (and second and third) while the criminal ta…
This may be indictment season, but let’s not lose sight of the bigger prize: a healthier democracy
Chaos agents want their trumped-up storyline of outrage and political persecution to intimidate Americans. Let's not take the bait.
How Will You React If Trump Is Indicted This Week?Multiple news outlets reported Friday that security preparations are being made for a likely indictment of Donald J. Trump this week or next by …
President Biden says assault weapons must be banned. A major veterans group insists Fox News must be banned, too.
While the divisions are maddening, let's hold onto optimism, values and sanity. Our collective future depends on it.
What Movie Do You Watch Again and Again?Every Oscars show ends with the presentation of the award for Best Picture. Among the hundreds or thousands of movies made in any given year, th…
Lacking decency, Fox pundits and the GOP continue their lying ways. Will they be held accountable?
What's so wrong with compassion, safety and racial justice?
You have a chat with a friend, a family member, a neighbor, a co-worker, maybe a guy sitting next to you at a bar. You hear their love for Donald Trump…
The Fox owner knew Donald Trump was lying and chose ratings over responsibility. What will it take to stop the dangerous propaganda?